The new patented RoFry® fries french fries and other common frying products totally without frying oil. Optimum and always even quality of the fried products within shortest cooking time. RoFry® eliminates all disadvantages of regular deep fat fryers and it pays for itself already within a few months, as no frying oil is needed.

RoFry® recognizes automatically the product temperature and the product amount and then optimizes the cooking process to its best. The unique three-phase-cooking process is the guarantee for best frying quality and fast processing times. As standard the new, easy to understand computer operation guide with sensor controls. Large product basket with automatic motor-driven unloading. Capacity for i.e. french fries up to 2.0 kg frozen or 2.5 kg cooled food products.

Optional: ASC Automatic Self Clean. RoFry® cleans all parts fully automatic. Available are a version with fixed water connection or the integrated tank solution.



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