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We aim for sales, growth and development on the market with commitment. We choose high quality products. We are always happy to discuss evolution, sharing our experience as well as our initiatives. Our bases in work are quality, reality, prospects, expansion and success. We strongly support all our products with marketing and publicity. We market placed, importing product from England, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, France and the U.S.A, creating a customer net with the pharmacies, supermarket chains, health food stores, local representatives and food service wholesale and retail.



NINACO INT. started its activities with OTC (para-pharmaceutical products) products in 1990, approaching the then around 7.000 pharmacies all over Greece, through our own sales personnel, through the pharmacy co-operatives and wholesalers all over Greece.


In the range of our OTC products we mention some products: the First Aid mini Suction Pump for stings and bites, ASPIVENIN, www.aspivenin.gr , from the French company ASPILABO, patented and certified as medical device. A high quality range of toothbrushes TERRADENT med5, with replaceable brush heads, world patented, as well as the complementary range of toothbrushes SANOS, both from the company FRISETTA in Germany. A Self Care Line for pharmacies with PILL SPLITTER and PILL PULVERIZER, but also a range of MEDICATION PLANNER KITS and MEDICATION DOSAGE KITS from the company APEX – CAREX in the U.S.A.


In 1998 NINACO INT. expanded to include import and distribution in the area of SOFT DRINKS, aiming at the niche market, establishing local representatives and co-operations with wholesalers, market placing SOFT DRINKS, NECTARS and FRUIT JUICES from Italy and ENERGY DRINKS from Sweden.


In the beginning of the year 2000 we initiated with the production here in Greece of our Brand Name: “UNIQUE DRINKS”, with a production of soft drinks in 500 ml PET bottles: A MULTIVITAMIN ACE orange-carrot-lemon juice drink. Lightly carbonated soft drinks, with HERBAL EXTRACTS made from Chamomile and Elder Flower. FLAVOURED WATERS, lightly carbonated, with natural extracts and flavour from RASPBERRY, APPLE and CITRIC FRUITS.

The recipes for our production of those products were developed in cooperation with the German company WILD.


In 2001 we established cooperation and exclusive import with a sophisticated high quality producer of Food Service Equipment, UBERT GASTROTECHNIK GmbH. Planning and design in this domain is also an excellence of theirs. Within their range of equipment is the innovative ROFRY® - Rotation Frying System, holding word patents.

This Rotation Frying System is air frying without any additional oil in the machine and it has become a new era in cooking. ROFRY® is continuously being developed technically by the very innovative team of UBERT GASTROTECHNIK GmbH and this sophisticated cooking machine is now achieving worldwide recognition.


NINACO INT. is the official provider of complete technical support.


In 2007 NINACO INT., in cooperation with UBERT GASTROTECHNIK GmbH, started the cooperation with the Super Market chain I. & S. SKLAVENITIS, for their new concept of FRESH MARKET outlets within the departments of READY FOOD and SWEETS, with self-service COLD and HOT cabinets, benches and facade.


Further, we also cooperate with AB BASSILOPOULOS, with the DELI COUNTER line of UBERT GASTROTECHNIK GmbH.


In 2009 NINACO INT. created a new innovative food concept “SMART FOOD CONCEPT”, utilizing exclusively the cooking procedures with the ROFRY® - Rotation Frying System in combination with the menu creation based on the philosophy and science of GI (Glycemic Index) and FUNCTIONAL FOODS concept.